The first three years is when your infant child learns the most and his/her brain and body is rapidly growing and restful sleep is required to ensure your baby or child stays healthy and happy. A well balanced child who naps with ease and sleeps all night long, is what every parent desires. Juliet a former nanny and maternity nurse has developed a remarkable catalogue of tools and techniques to help parents to get the most from their baby or child each and every day.

Around 70% of parents with young children struggle with sleep in the first five years, most are unaware that babies can sleep all night from around 6 months of age. Juliet’s clients are further amazed when this is achieved within a week without resorting to controlled crying.

Ask About

  • New Baby Sleep & Routines
  • Preparations-Pre-birth Sleep Advice –Ideal for nervous new /pregnant parents
  • Day Naps-Overcoming short cat naps
  • Night Time /Early Morning wake ups
  • Night Terrors
  • Toddler/Child refusing to go to Bed
  • Children who want you to stay/sleep with them

SLEEP & Other Baby & Child Services

  • VIP Family Transformation/Better Prepared – New Parent Relaxed Sleep & Support Service
  • Bespoke Sleep Training & Mentoring – Support/Feeding Advice/Routines
  • Overnight Baby Sleep Relief  (plus Travel over 10 miles)
  • Home Visit Cotswolds/London/Bristol/Oxford
  • Child Behaviour, Settling Techniques, General Advice, Age Appropriate Strategies for your child
  •  (Personally tailored Package Available – Including mini Report, Follow up call, Sleep Plan & Recommendations)
  • One to One Skype/Phone calls £99


More information

Sleep is essential for our brain to function properly it is not a luxury, although professional parents who lead a busy life or run their own business may disagree! Some babies naturally fall into good sleep patterns and form a regular sleep and nap routine, however not all mums and Dads are as lucky! As a new or first time parent you need all the time and energy you can muster to look after and enjoy your new born baby, so you can focus on what’s important to you and your family. With some expert knowledge and understanding of what helps a baby or toddler to sleep well from day one, Juliet’s new bespoke programmes ensure you can stay one step ahead.

Sleep issues occur for many reasons and should not be left if no improvements are made over a period of weeks, as your child’s physical and mental health is at stake. Mums suffering from extreme stress and sleep deprivation can lead to Post Natal Depression; this can be vastly improved with more sleep at night. With the empathetic support and some gentle techniques, there is no need to worry yourself sick about creating bad habits, using controlled crying or wondering why your baby or child over six months is not sleeping well.

Life with kids is fun and fulfilling each day, when your home is blessed with peace and harmony as everyone gets the sleep and rest they need. Juliet loves helping your children to happily grow and develop healthy habits.