SERENITY (open now until June 25th)

Exhausted from broken nights, trying to figure out your child’s latest behaviour?

Do you frequently dream of or wish for……
  • A better relationship with your child/family members
  • Having a guilt-free break from your children and daily chores
  • More fun and confidence with childcare matters?
  • Freedom to wake up and be the real YOU!

Hello! I’m Juliet here to help you to find peace and harmony while bringing up your baby/toddler without the broken nights and being racked with guilt about not being a ‘good enough’ mother.  Whether you do know what you’re doing and your child sleeps well or perhaps you plan to return to work and want to feel you’re not having to do ‘everything on your own’ childcare can thwart us at the best of times. Maybe your baby has grown into a toddler, and you’re simply fed-up wasting hours trying to figure things by trial and error, reading more books, going back to Google. More answers. More confusion. Less Certainty.

Imagine if you could stop stressing about your child, learn to parent with ease and joy, be calm and in control for the next 90 days and beyond?

Sounds too good to be true. I know 90 days with no shouting, ample time to relax and less anxiety about what to do next.

Perhaps you would love to enjoy a wedding, special event or holiday with family and friends without having to worry about your child’s behaviour and bedtimes?

You are probably thinking it’s not possible for me.

But it is!

Maybe you gave up trying to boost your child’s sleep habits and behaviour challenges as you’ve made some progress but deep down you know there’s better days to be had-then this is for you!

Are you:

  • In control in almost all areas of your life yet with little ones to care for you never stick to your plan to take a break?
  • Finding full-time childcare boring, exhausting, or filled with loneliness?
  • Wondering what it would be like to be free from sleepless nights and protesting children (Or partner!)?
  • Unable to relax even on a night out and constantly feel uneasy, like you are missing out on all the fun?
  • Ready to heal and embrace better health that 90+ days of uninterrupted sleep can bring to your child, your mind and your anxiety levels?

If YES, then Serenity over the next 90 days is a perfect solution for you!

Whoa! Hold On……..

Who am I?

I’m Juliet Robinson award winning author, former International Nanny and Montessori Teacher, I share simple secrets that help smart, ambitious parents stay sane with children who play independently and sleep better using a holistic approach that has been tried, tested, (and refined) over the last 30+ years- it’s how I got christened the ‘Sanity Nanny’.

Who’s it for?

In 2005 I gave up nannying/maternity nursing to teach and support families one to one using a natural approach and developed my unique ‘Sanity Parenting System’ giving scores of exhausted parents relief able to experience way more peace and harmony at home, along with remarkable results with sleep and child behaviour.  Serenity is an exciting ‘off shoot’ to support new and working mums in their 30’s and 40’s who need a safe space away from the busy world.  As a devoted mum you will gain a sense of calm, brush up on parenting skills, have chance to step back and look after your own health and well-being, as well as feel ‘heard’ and grow while being part of a fab community of friendly, family-minded mums.

Why now?

I live a life I love and have more free time and energy. I’m here to help proactive mums (and dads) do the same, so the joy and fulfilment felt at the office/gym is replicated in their home lives.

All this while working less hours, having the freedom to spend more quality time with your family and friends, earning more money.

Most of my success is because I have worked with 1000’s of families, developing tried and tested childcare practices and heavily invested in personal development and emotional intelligence for myself.

The more I worked with sleep clients and other therapists, it led me to see exactly what was missing for parents across the world, I now help to correct this. It’s what allowed me to fathom out what got in the way of my own mother’s happiness and her reliance on alcohol and smoking. I was not the child I was labelled, there was a deeper reason.

In Serenity we will gently help unlock the real you and set your parenting skills up for success, so you get fired up with more time and energy and wave goodbye to the ‘mum/dad guilt’.

Reserve a place NOW -before we reach our limit (capped at 12) – we’ll then hop on a call to see if it’s right for you.

Juliet 07982 7137 736    Email

Serenity Q + A’s

Working or returning to work mums with 0-8’s interested in sleep, peaceful childcare and personal development.

A monthly theme- +New Topics added each month

3 x per week (all recorded 28) drop in sessions to ask questions, share ideas and gain support

2 day & 1 evening call

To enhance your journey.

on a variety of topics ranging from Sleep, Child behaviour, sharing, potty training, fussy eaters etc,

Parenting styles, sleep log forms, stress busters child behaviour, time management, etc,

Dedicated support in a private group setting (121 upgrade is an option for those who want extra support)

Facebook group– To ask questions and connect with other supportive, friendly mums

*Bonus 1    1-2-1 Call to map out a ‘Summer Survival’ plan to achieve your outcome  (Value £495)

*Bonus 2    Special guests in health and well-being (Nurse, nutrition, twin support)

*Bonus 3    Copy of my book ‘Wits End TO Wise Parent’

*Bonus 4   Dads Session evening call

 Don’t wait too long and be disappointed, grab your spot now before we close the doors until September.

DM Juliet Robinson or send me a message 07982 713 736

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