I can solve your problems...

My tailor-made services are designed to help busy parents live the family life they desire.

I’ll help you adjust to the transition of having a new baby, help calm your nerves and overcome sleepless nights – all in the comfort of your own home.

I work with families with toddlers, tackling toddler tantrums and sleep issues, and with older children who are exhibiting challenging behaviour. Read on for details of how I can help.


Baby support from as little as one day to my VIP one-year programme

I offer professional guidance and support throughout every step of your baby’s first year. Telephone support and hands-on help to prepare for your new arrival, including:

  • Pre-baby shopping.
  • Nursery design.
  • Essential and non-essential equipment (including the items you really don’t need –saving you both time and money).

Getting mum and dad ready for family life:

  • Helping to establish good sleep habits.
  • Creating realistic and effective routines.
  • Understanding feeding patterns and what to expect.

All designed to get you off to a flying start without the usual hiccups or the need for a live-in maternity nurse or nanny.

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Sleep issues and bedtime battles/feeding and fussy eaters/tantrums and difficult behaviour/new baby jealousy

Toddlers can be a delight one minute and a devil the next – often with no warning – and family life can become even harder when a baby brother or sister arrives. You may find your toddler exhibiting jealousy towards the baby, or attention-seeking behaviour that leaves you stressed and exhausted.

My valuable insights and gentle but effective techniques give you a new understanding of babies and toddlers – helping you to relax and regain control of your days and nights.

Get in touch to book a two-hour family breakthrough session or 12-week toddler programme, or to discuss my VIP one-year mentoring and hands-on support programme.


Poor sleep patterns/challenging behaviour/anxiety/stubbornness/sibling rivalry/unruly behaviour

It’s no good believing your child will grow out of their bad habits or behave better next week – you’ll find yourself exhausted and stuck another month down the line.

I can help. There’s always a reason for a child’s behaviour. If you miss the early warning signs, you’re simply storing up bigger problems as your child matures. In most cases, all that’s needed is a few tweaks and some solid structures in place. Before you know it, family life will be just as you want it – no stress, no guilt, and no exhaustion.

Get in touch to book your two-hour family breakthrough session or 12-week child support package.

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