7 Secrets To Help Your Toddler Sleep Better

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    I’m Juliet Aka ‘Sanity Nanny’

    As a parenting mentor I’m passionate about helping ambitious mums and dads feel good about childcare and happily live, WITHOUT tons of stress and sleepless nights. (Bye, bye daily chaos and delays at bedtime) The super exciting bit…… I help you do it in just 12 weeks, because I believe YOU’RE amazing and your children deserve the best from you and frankly; you never get a second chance with early childhood. For over 30 years I’ve been figuring out babies, children and what parents don’t need, OK it’s taken some time but hey ho!…. Life’s frequently a tug of war for busy working parents, your children want you to be calm, relaxed and playful, while all you want is some peace and quiet. Sigh!

    Building a business while supporting a growing family and finding inner balance can be tricky, unless you own a magic wand. I’ve worked with 1000’s of smart cookies who are brilliant at what they do but second guess themselves and end up cross and confused when it comes to childcare. Once a family foundation is securely in place, it gives you back chunks of time and energy, creating bliss day and night. I believe life’s too dam short, exhausting (and lonely) to try to figure out everything by yourself.

    In just 12 weeks you can successfully combine work with a harmonious homelife and naturally enjoy more sleep filled nights.

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