7 Secrets To Help Your Toddler Sleep Better

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    The Sanity Nanny:

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    Tearing your hair out with sleepless nights?

    Imagine the bliss of climbing into bed while your baby or child sleeps soundly, knowing you won’t be seeing or hearing from them until morning.

    No more pacing the room in the early hours, tirelessly rocking your child. No more strain on your relationship, while you argue about the best approach to take.

    Don’t let things develop to the point where you’re stressed, exhausted and desperate.

    There is an easier way!

    If you’re at your wits end – and feel you’ve tried everything, but nothing works – you need the Sanity Nanny.

    No more excuses and costly childcare mistakes that drain your energy, rob you of your precious time and – even worse – leave you and your child more upset.

    Using tried and tested methods combined with over 30 years of experience, I’ll help you introduce clear messages, a consistent approach and an age-appropriate routine that settles even the most stubborn child or alert baby – leaving you free to enjoy what should be such a happy time.

    I’m so glad you made it here.

    Pre-birth preparations/early parenthood

    You can buy endless parenting and baby books, search online and ask everyone you know but you still won’t find the answers to:

    • Establishing calm, effective routines for your baby.
    • Tackling those frustrating sleep or feeding concerns that won’t go away.
    • How to adapt to family life and still enjoying valuable me time each day.

    Tricky toddlers

    If only your son or daughter came with a handbook that deciphered their wants and needs! Using a combination of gentle tools, effective strategies and clever insights, I’ll help you banish your worries and understand your child like never before. I’ll teach you:

    • How to manage changing sleep and nap habits with ease and confidence, so you can plan your days, weekends and holidays with ease.
    • How to overcome messy mealtimes, fussy eaters and toddler tantrums, so you can enjoy a family meal out with no fear of meltdown.
    • How to use emotional intelligence to teach your child independence, build social skills, nurture creativity and learn through educational play.

    Understanding and aligning parenting styles

    Your parenting style says a lot about you and unconsciously feeds messages to your child, so it’s vital to get your approach right from the start.

    I’ve developed four parenting styles – and understanding which of these categories you fall into can help give your child the best start in life.

    Your child’s future success is in your hands – and you only get one chance. Get in touch to talk to me about one-to-one support that’ll help you get things right.

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