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Business Success V Quality Family Life?


Balancing family life with business is often hard work, do you ever stop and ponder where your time and freedom went, as your children are growing fast and you are working harder than expected? Most parents are great at what they do in business and are at the top of their game, yet often when […]

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Cats and baby’s crying

Ever wondered how to get your baby to sleep? Must watch this it’s so cute and cheaper than a nanny! Would you let your cat this close to a new born baby? I really believe that animals can be great friends with children and it is good to teach children about caring for animals […]

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Business Success For Mummy’s

Are you a stay at home mum who is thinking about starting her own business but not sure where to start? It can be a really daunting process and many mums feel a little less confident going back to work after having children, so I got together with a colleague of mine and persuaded her […]

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