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Heard of Montessori Education?

Heard of Montessori education but not sure what it is or would like to find out more? If you live in Cheltenham or the Cotswolds, you may like to join us this coming week at our introductory Mini-Montessori sessions. Montessori is all about the ‘whole child’ and individual learning so what could be better […]

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Two brothers aged five and six

This is a joke I heard yesterday and wanted to share as it demonstrates how parents tend to worry about the wrong things and also how professionals can get surprises from clients too!  I discovered that it was first heard from (President) Reagan.It is to do with two sons, one an optimist and the other […]

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Sanity Nanny-Easter News

  Last month the Sanity Nanny took a long awaited break before Easter and went to Morocco, what a fun place to visit. Marrakech was extremely frenetic but very friendly. One of the things that struck me about my trip was how everyone had to struggle to survive although some residents were quite wealthy and lived in […]

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Baby and Toddler Show Cheltenham

It’s been a busy W/E meeting lots of parents at the Baby and Toddler Show in Cheltenham, I was invited to give talks on feeding and sleep techniques for babies and toddlers. It was lovely to bump into previous clients and see how much their children had grown and hear how well they were sleeping, […]

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EYE Eye -Now I Can See You!

For many parents having an Eye Test is not necessarily something on the list of most parents before their child starts school. I recently met Claire Holland who’s a warm and friendly optician. She and her husband have a wonderful practice in Cheltenham, that caters specifically for young children and their families. Keith Holland’s reputation […]

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New Baby Photographs-Juliet Robinson

“watch out, I’m on the move’! Feeling like David Baily or suffering from nervous exhaustion with the arrival of your new baby? Has your little bundle of joy entered the world, if so you’ll be very proud parents, so much so that you’ll want to ‘show off’ your infant to friends and family. Although we can be quick […]

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Sleep help for 5 year old

How many parents are still getting up several times in the night with two, three, four or five year olds? It seems like there are more parents than care to admit that are being disturbed at night. Not only is this very tiring for parents but not good for your child either. When a toddler […]

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Summer Music Activities

Wow there is so much going on in and around Cheltenham, we are lucky to be living in such a previledged town. We have endless concerts, festivals, events and of course the infamous horse racing when Dublin decends upon Cheltenham every March, well that’s what it feels like!  Maybe I do get value from paying my local […]

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