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Kids Off School – Summer Holidays

With the kids off school and many regular activities not operating over the summer holidays, you may even have had a luxurious lie-in but how do you choose what you really should be doing the rest of the day? If you are feeling a little overwhelmed or stretched to the limit ask yourself: Will this […]

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Half Term Holidays

It’s holiday time again for school children and a bank holiday w/e for those who work! Horray, most people will be planning their time off or getting in the car to travel to a holiday destination. Today though is not a great day to travel with children. This morning Heathrow had to close two runways […]

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Sanity Nanny-Easter News

  Last month the Sanity Nanny took a long awaited break before Easter and went to Morocco, what a fun place to visit. Marrakech was extremely frenetic but very friendly. One of the things that struck me about my trip was how everyone had to struggle to survive although some residents were quite wealthy and lived in […]

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Baby Sunscreen

Fun in the sun! According to a skin care expert in America parents should use baby sunscreen that includes one or both of these ingredients: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They create a physical barrier from the sun rather than a chemical one, which is safer for a baby’s delicate skin. Parents are adivsed to use […]

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Parenting Blog Awards

How many talented Mums are there out there? I’m amazed that Mums who’ve been up in the night feeding their baby or tending to a wakeful toddler still have time and energy to write a blog! I guess it is also a great way to show off your latent ‘Mummy talents’  especially if you are woken up […]

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Summer Holidays

Isn’t it wonderful when you can get on a plane and go somewhere new, hot and child friendly, the only thing you wonder is how you will survive the journey with children! If you are going on a long haul flight, you will definately need to plan ahead and have plenty of activities to amuse […]

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