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7 Secrets To Help Your Baby Toddler Sleep Better

Download the 7 sleep secrets that your mid-wife won't tell you

Tearing your hair out with sleepless nights?


....Going upstairs, climbing in to your bed whilst your baby/child soundly sleeps, knowing you won't be seeing or hearing from your little cherub until the morning. 

No more Shussshing, pacing the room in the early hours, tirelessly rocking your child.....

Wait I hear a whisper's the Sanity Nanny!

'Yes, Juliet offers wisdom, support and gentle solutions to give you the freedom to enjoy a happy, healthy family life with the ease and joy you desire'.

STOP making excuses and costly childcare mistakes that

DRAIN your energy

ROB you of your precious time

AND....even worse....leave you and your child more UPSET.

There is an easier way!

So many sleep experts claim that a regular bedtime routine, story and milk before bed will be enough to settle your baby or child. Easy peasy, right?

So why is it that you spend hours upon hours (sometimes months or years) waiting for better results after trying another method, a new sleep tool or altering the routine again trying to figure out the solution and it's STILL NOT WORKING.

It's likely because routine is only step 1.

CONSISTENCY is where the magic happens.  And it's also likely you are making some (or ALL) of these costly sleep mistakes  I share in my free guide -7 Sleep Mistakes that your health professional didn't tell you. In it I talk about THE REAL PROBLEM.

PARENTING STYLES that are not aligned and NOT CLEAR, can't deliver CONSISTENT RESULTS

 IT's the same old story many of my clients say when they first contact me. "I'm at my Wits' End, I've tried everything and nothing works.

I know what works CLEAR MESSAGES, CONSISTENCY and an AGE APPROPRIATE ROUTINE that not only settles the most stubborn child or alert baby  but has them fast asleep before you can say "JACK FLASH"

I'm so glad you made it here


Pre-birth Preparations / Early Parenthood:

Call me old fashioned, yes, you can buy all the parenting and baby books, search google, ask friends but you’ll still not find the answers to:

  • check
    Establishing calm, effective routines for YOUR baby
  • check
    Solutions to those lingering sleep or feeding concerns which won’t go away and are leaving you more frustrated
  • check
    No-nonsense guidance on how to adapt to your ‘new family’ life AND still able to find some valuable ‘Me’ time each day.

Tricky Toddlers:

If only your son/daughter came with a tag that deciphered their wants and needs, and you knew which button to press for success! Hint- when you have the ‘right tools’, child insights and understand child psychology, life is much easier and you soon ‘get’ your child. Let’s not play the ‘wish and hope’ game anymore, let’s banish your worries- allow me to teach you

  • How to manage changing sleep habits/day naps with ease and confidence, so you can peacefully plan your days and enjoy w/e’s away or a holiday abroad
  • check
    Overcome messy mealtimes, fussy eaters and difficult ‘toddler’ moments at the supermarket or finally book a restaurant for a family get together and enjoy a break from cooking!
  • check
    How to develop your child’s mind using emotional intelligence to teach independence, nurture creativity and learn through educational play, whilst building social skills too.

Understanding and Aligning Parenting Styles:

This is a ‘biggie’! Your parenting style says a lot about you and it unconsciously feeds messages to your child, so this is one area that you will definitely want to focus on and get right, ideally from day one.

This subject is what my 1-2-1 private clients learn most about, as it helps to give your child a firm foundation and gives them a head start in life. Yes, your child’s future success lies in your hands, and what a responsibility this is. What’s worse and upsetting, is when you have no idea how you are impacting and having no luck with your child's daytime behaviour or why they continue to wake during the night when they are well beyond 6-7 months old.

To help innocent Mums and Dads I have developed four different parenting styles, these are the Kangaroo, Cat, Tiger and Dolphin. There are some overlaps, but I wonder which one are you? When you have this all worked out, your parenting path will be a smooth ride. Ok you will have the odd bump here and there, however it is the key to you feeling happy, successful and enjoying a perfectly balanced work and family life. Life cannot get much better than being genuinely proud of your delightfully entertaining, co-operative, calm baby/children.

Juggling a professional life and spending quality time with your children is the key to a fun, fulfilled home life. You never get a second chance with childhood, so you will want to start now and get things right, for you and your child’s sake.

Manage Life events/Challenging Times:

Sometimes life throws us a new challenge that can throw us off course. Having someone by your side that won’t judge you, who is there to simply listen and provide emotional support with an understanding of your situation, will help you feel ‘less alone’. No matter what you are dealing with, there is always someone that can ease things and give you the personal guidance and hope you seek. Together we can create a plan of action and discuss your next steps, whilst keeping family tension/stress to an acceptable level and help you overcome fear, overwhelm or anxiety.

Another baby / Returning to work Mum / House / Job move

Any of these situations can cause stress at home, particularly when you have little ones and a busy life to manage, having someone to ‘lean on’ who’s got your interests at heart can help provide a different perspective, (if needed) and will soon have you feeling back in control of life again.


These circumstances are never easy. Where do you start, what do you tell the children, what will upset them when you separate or live in different homes? Children, including babies are more sensitive to what’s going on at home than you probably realise. By handling things well, you will reduce their anxiety and keep sleepless nights/bad behaviour down to a minimum and learn how to re-establish yourself and gradually regain your identity as a single/divorced parent. Over time, having tools and new strategies will build confidence and keep your children feeling safe and happy.

Coping with Baby Loss / Death / Depression / Anxiety

Having gone through these myself and supported clients through difficult and dark times is never easy. For some, it can feel hopeless, each day may fill you with dread or fear. You are not going crazy though, you will find new strength and gradually find your way back to health and happiness.

No-one can feel your pain unless they have experienced the same or similar. Drugs may help but are not a good long-term solution. When you have someone who understands, accepts you are doing your best and can take some of the pressure off, you will feel a cloud lift.

Life will seem lighter and more joyful again. Time is a great healer together with healthy food, both will help take you back to your former self. You will gain relief by learning to adapt to your situation and slowly find the joy in life again, as you hold on to those crucial family relationships.

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