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World Book Day

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I was proudly informed it was World Book Day by a four year old last week and this day was celebrated in many schools with the addition of fancy dress, to raise money for charities or schools themselves. Jj went in dressed as Ben 10 and his little brother aged 2 was superman I believe. I’m not entirely sure what Ben 10 does but I do know that he has a magic watch that allows him to change into some kind of super hero and 4 year olds seem to love him!

I wish my watch was magic too, if only I could complete everything on my To-Do list in one day! Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong, I need other peoples help who are better at I.T and P.A skills, must focus on that this week and get out to meet more Mum’s and toddlers instead of getting frustrated with my computer…..Sounds like a much better idea.

If there are any mums out there who are bored/need some coaching or baby sleep advice in return for VA work please do get in touch.

Happy Monday