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Are you a working mum and feeling guilty?

Mother and baby in home office with laptop and telephone


Here’s what you need to know about how to stop this guilt today!

Working mums have a hard time trying to prove themselves to everyone around them, not least with their children or work colleagues that they can fit everything in. It’s no wonder Mums stress levels rise particularly at the end of the day or week. There are however some simple strategies you could try to reduce those Mummy Meltdowns!

Last week a Mum told me about the, ‘Pant Wars’ I was a little bemused and had to ask her to explain what she was actually referring to? She explained she was having battles getting her 4 year old son dressed and get out of the house on time for an activity with his friends. After half an hour of pleading, threats and persuading, he still wasn’t dressed, tensions rose and Mummy ended up shouting! Boy did she feel bad about it for the rest of the day, although this needn’t have happened.

When her son came home, (fully clothed) he actually apologised to his Mum, then she did the same back to him and immediately all those bad thoughts and feelings melted magically away.

Here are some tips if you find yourself feeling guilty or becoming out of control, ask yourself:

1. How important is this to me or my child?

2. Can I let it go?

3. How can I handle this situation without it escalating?

4. Who’s the child and am I being reasonable?

Be kind to yourself but do remember to be firm but fair.  Is there anything your child does that really winds you up, we’d love to hear how you resolve matters?