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Our comprehensive services are tailor-made to help to busy parents live the family life they desire.

We can assist you to manage the transition with a new baby, help calm your nerves and overcome sleepless nights, all in the comfort of your own home. We also offer relevant tools, techniques and reassurance with toddler tantrums and sleep issues and can assist families with older an child who is exhibiting challenging behaviour, displaying anxiety or not co-operating with you.

Tailored Lifestyle Programmes


Sleep-Bedtime Battles Feeding / Fussy Eaters-Tantrums / Difficult Behaviour  / New Baby Jealousy

Toddlers can be a delight one minute and a devil the next, unfortunately they give you no warning and you may end up embarrassed, whilst whisking your child away from a situation and avoiding certain playgroups or stop going out for family meals because your child won’t listen or gets upset easily.

Family life can become even harder when a new brother or sister arrives too and your toddler may exhibit new behaviours or show jealousy towards the baby or seek attachment to one parent over the other you leaving you exhausted and or even resenting one child over the other.

Juliet shares valuable insights about babies and toddlers and when you understand things from a different perspective you can relax and start to feel back in control of your days and nights.

Book your 2 Hour ‘Family Breakthrough’ session –12 Week Mini-Toddler Programme or request a call to discuss our VIP 12 Month Mentoring and Hand’s On Support Programme (*limited places)