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Wimbledon Champions

This week has been very exciting, it’s been the run up to the Wimbledon and the World Cup final, personally I’ve been out and about networking and meeting parents with babies and young children in Cheltenham. Now I’m not into football but I do love the tennis and I’m placing my bets on Roger Federer.

He is an incredible player, so composed, focused and talented.  He is also father to not one but two sets of twins, so despite sleepless nights and travelling with four children, he is still playing outstandingly well and shining with joy and energy. He feels blessed to have two girls and two boys and his wife looks amazing too since the baby boys are only a few weeks old. Now of course they have got grandparents and probably other help too which does make things easier however at 32 Roger is a true inspiration to his children and a great role model.

Many parents are unaware of just how great an influence they are on their children and how well they perform at school or work later on in life. Through my work and continued training in London, I have created a Family Sleep and Sanity Programme, particularly aimed at parents who’ve not yet had their child so they can feel fully prepared before their baby arrives.

All parents are nervous as well as excited, however there are many aspects to parenting that frankly don’t get discussed and can lead to conflict or arguments at a later stage. I’m passionate about helping parents get off to the best start by reducing sleepless nights and hours of worry about their new born baby, you can find out more by emailing Juliet@sanitynanny.com.

To be a winner it takes a lot of hard work and effort. It’s also the same when you are trying to sleep train a child, when you give up, you don’t get the results you want and you and your child suffer without an end in sight. When a parent is contemplating getting a Sleep Consultant in to assist them and decide against it complaining it’s very expensive, they often are forgetting what the personal cost is to them or their family.

I met a mother whose child was waking for around 2 hours every night at 2am, her son was 2.5 years old and when I worked out that she had (conservatively) wasted more than 1500 hours of sleep over the last two years. Suddenly she realized that actually there was a huge price to pay for her son’s health and also their family well-being. I know that she is not an isolated mother and that many people gone on for years, believing there is nothing they can do except wait. The reason sleep consultants charge what they do is a reflection of the skills, training and expertise they have gone through to ensure parents get the results they are looking for, with minimal distress to the child and the rest of the family life. Controlled crying is not something that a good sleep specialist would advise.

As a sleep consultant with over 25 years I can tell you that the joy and elation parents have after a short period of hard work, leaves them are 100% happier than when they are getting up every night. To see a recent clients’ discussing her experience, visit my Sanity Nanny testimonial page.

How long was it before your child slept through the night for 10-12 hours?

Good luck to Federer, hopefully another champion win at Wimbledon on Sunday.