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Whitsun Bank Holiday-New Baby Book

Today is the start of the half term and Whitsun Bank Holiday, I’m really excited not because I’m going camping or on holiday, it’s because my new book ‘Wits’End to Wise Parent’ is about to go to print. Like anything new and certainly those expecting or who have recently had a new baby, it brings up all kinds of emotions, will people buy my book, will they like it, will they criticize me or will people wonder what’s different about another baby book?

How to Survive year 1 +

How to Survive year 1 +

There are many people and books to tell you, ‘how to bring up your baby’, ‘how to get your baby to sleep’, there are so many of those books and scores of exhausted parents will tell you most of them don’t have the answer to YOUR baby or toddlers’ sleep. In my book, Wits’End to Wise Parent I hope to take parents on a new journey, and explain why things are not working for some and what you can do if you are experiencing problems. There are lots of tips and information to help you navigate your baby’s first year.

I have included something that no other parenting book talks about and is so important, yet little understood. In fact, it is the foundation to a happy family life, whatever age your baby or child is. What am I talking about? Parenting styles, I have come up with four different styles, these being the Cat, Tiger, Dolphin and Kangeroo. I go into more detail in the book and when you understand these and how they operate, it will open your eyes and give you a fresh perspective on parenting and how to get off to a good start with a new baby.

As in life, everything is so much easier when you know how or have someone to show you the how when you are in unfamiliar territory and when it comes to your baby or children, you can not afford to take risks unless you are feeling super confident and have all the support you need. If anyone wants to find our more or reserve a signed copy of my book click here juliet@sanitynanny.com/book and mark your message ‘RESERVE BOOK’