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Welcome from the Sanity Nanny

Hello Mums and Dads and anyone else who may be reading.

Kids are really fascinating at all different ages, whether they are toddlers beginning to talk, new babies learning to coo or older kids pondering on the complexities of life. I was wondering what is it that most parents worry about with their kids, is it that they are not sleeping enough, eating the right foods or whether they will make it to a good university or is it more about safety? University might seem like a long way off, however many parents have higher expectations for their children and want them to have more opportunities than they had themselves.

Life seems to have become more competitive the number of baby classes available is growing by the day. You have the choice of Monkey Music, Sensory play, Baby massage, swimming,Tumble Tots and many more. For a new mum it must be very confusing to decide which is going to benefit your baby most, after all you often don’t have to fit them in around school runs or other commitments. Whilst it is wonderful to encourage your children to try out new activities to build their confidence or increase their love of music or swimming from a early age, you do have to wonder is it really necessary so young?

When children are older they start to voice ‘their’ opinions about what they want to do, you simply have to work out whether you can afford it or not! When they want to go horse riding or play the clarinet you have work out whether  this is something they can do on a regular basis or whether is becomes a treat for the holidays. There’s nothing like a first donkey ride on the beach, the only complaint is that it doesn’t last long enough!

I recall going riding in the Lake District which was lovely, far more pleasurable than riding at my cousins where I fell off a horse and ended up in hospital having metal plates inserted, as I’d broken my arm for the second time in one year! Being left handed I had to start scrawling with my right hand. At the end of term my teacher wrote some unkind comment about my hand writing being poor….! You would have thought it was obvious that it had been in plaster for a full six weeks, I simply didn’t wake up and decide, I think I’ll try to be right handed today.

What are you favourite childhood activities or tales from the past, post a comment below?