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Valentines -Big Celebrations + Lots of LOVE?

Valentines cards, Red Roses, Chocolates and expensive Gifts is this just be bit of hype and money making for those in the publishing, gifts and flower business or is it something to take more seriously? Every woman I know loves a bouquet of flowers from a loved one but somehow, not all men realise how their other half wants to feel loved and shown appreciation. Forgotten flowers or gifts can quickly turn things rather sour.

I wonder if the same is true for your children when you don’t meet their expectations or don’t give in to something they want? It’s easy to say, ‘I love you’ and tell your child how special they are but as they get older they may not feel this is true; especially once they start to voice their own opinions and refuse to do as you ask!

You may have to work a bit harder to gain their attention and find other ways to show your love. Doing this is likely to bring your child closer to you and have them appreciate more of what you do do for them.
To ensure your kids don’t feel left out this week or anytime, here are some novel ways for you to

Show more Love For Your Kids (including grown up ones!)
1. Leave a note in their room, on the table or bed, telling them how much you love them.
2. Arrange a surprise trip to see a movie or have a meal out together
3. Buy them a small gift or better still bake their favourite food for dinner
4. Allow your child to choose a treat at the w/e and you do what THEY want you to do.
5. Give praise for an act of kindness or being helpful towards you or their siblings.
Hope your Valentines’ Day was magical-if not, why not request your freedom from guilt gift here and book a FREE call to discuss how to improve your family relationships if things are not going too well email –