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Unusual Gifts

Looking for an unusual Christmas gift for a family?

Do you know any parents that are struggling to cope with a
new baby or have a toddler who wakes several times a night? Sleepless nights
really take their toll and with the added stress of Christmas and everything
else that needs doing, some parents may be finding it difficult to cope.

Sleep is not usually considered a luxury but if you are not
getting enough you may well consider it to be, having a solution to your child’s
sleep is music to many parents ears. Many mums and dads have read different parenting books
tried various techniques but still had no success, however  there is something you could
gift them that will have long lasting and immediate benefits to the whole
family. Why not buy a gift of a Sanity Nanny Sleep Package?

Every mum or dad coping with a new baby could benefit
hugely by learning some top tips and baby secrets that will soon see them relax
and enjoying more sleep each night.

So if you are a grandparent or have family living far away that you may not be able to help, why not surprise them with
the most unique gift they will received this Christmas? Not only will you be
doing them and their child a big favour, you will be deeply appreciated as have
found them something they never even knew existed.

I help families where ever they live in the world, I can
offer Skype calls and email support. Just by having someone who understands babies and children will bring a
tremendous sense of relief, with over 25 years’ experience with children there
is not much the Sanity Nanny doesn’t know. I will give your family a shortcut to more
sleep and less stress, even for Mums who are not sleeping well I can instantly make
you feel better.

Once you’ve made that decision book up fast as there are
limited spaces left before Christmas,  it would be a crying shame if your
family had to wait until next year to get the sleep they desperately need now. On-going
coaching is another option that will suit Mums that run their own business or
have partners that work away a lot and need weekly support or a listening ear.

Having a new baby is blissful at any time and getting more
sleep or having expert help with your child could leave your family with a warm
glow inside, enjoy your Christmas everyone. I hope you get all the presents you
wish for.

What is your best Christmas present ever?