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Twins-Double Trouble?

Twins, some people love this notion and others are completely shocked at the prospect and how they will cope, I think you could count me. There is no doubt about it they are hard work, especially in those first few weeks after birth. You literally feed, change, burp, settle then start all over again, sometimes only an hour or two later epsecially if your babies are born small or premature. One thing for sure is that you have to get them into a routine early on or suffer from complete exhaustion on a daily basis if you don’t opt for this. I really do feel that mums who have twins learn a lot faster, they really have no choice. I wonder  do they really enjoy their children as much as a mother who can devote her whole day to her new born child?

Speaking to several mother’s of twins today who had babies or two year old boy and a girls, one mother has only just stopped night feeding and wakings and the other said her had both slept through from 4 months, now how does that work? What it does prove is that babeis are capable of it but the next question is how is it that some children sleep through from and early age and others don’t and are there other factors involved?

The answer to this is yes, there are many reasons why a child doesn’t sleep through the night however every parent is different and so is every child, the good news is whatever your situation is you can improve it in 99% of cases.

One mother I spoke to went on to tell me that she had 4 other children, so actually she had a head start on the other lady who only had one other son. The mother of six went on to say whilst it was a shock when she found out that she was pregnant with two babies who were not planned she absolutley loved it and thoroughly recommended it!  This mother also said her children were asleep at 6pm and didn’t wake up until HER alarm went off, now that was a suprise! So there you are if you are expeecting twins don’t worry, sit back and enjoy the ride.

If you do happen to get stuck or are feeling completely overwhelmed at the prospect, don’t hesitate to call the Sanity Nanny to calm those nerves and put things into perspective, you’ll be amazed at he difference it makes. A relaxing massage or facial feels good but the effects are not as long term as the information and top tips you will receive from someone with over 23 years experience who can help ensure your child sleeps all night long.

What are your bedtime tips or child sleep techniques?