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Toddler jealously with a new baby

New baby bottle feeding

New baby Feeding

If you’ve just had a new baby or you are expecting your second child close in age to your first you may well be wondering how jealous your toddler will be with the new baby. It’s always going to be hard to predict as each child reacts differently. You may well be in for a shock or a pleasant surprise, I’ve seen loving caring brothers and little sisters that do the pinching, face hitting or eye poking. It all depends on the age gap and how well you prepare your toddler for the birth.

When you new baby arrives home from hospital you may find your son or daughter is kind and loving one minute and wanting to hit the next, you must never leave the two alone in the room as accidents can happen so quickly. So how do mums and Dads manage to go to the loo in the day let alone cook a meal and watch two young children?

No, you can't do that.

I’m really upset!

There are many ways you can juggle things but here are a few idea’s to help keep your child safe.

1. Buy a playpen or travel cot for your toddler or baby.

2. Keep all hard or dangerous objects away from your toddlers grasp.

3. Place the baby on a table where your older child can’t reach or take your toddler with you.

4. Teach you toddler to be gentle with the baby.

5. Distract your child with a new game or toy and sneak away for a moment once engaged.

If you are experiencing challenges and have run out of idea’s or your child’s sleep patterns have changed and you want to discuss the matter further, please email and set up a call to help you resolve things before they become worse or bad habits set in.