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Toddler 3-4 Night Wakings

Toddler Sleep 3-4 year old-Night wakings

Why is that when your toddler has slept well for months or years and suddenly they start waking once or several times a night? If any of the following are applicable to your three old or four year old you are not alone, check out the tips below and look at how to overcome these night wakings. Do any of these sound familiar? You have a
1. Toddler afraid to sleep alone.
2. A Child that goes to bed but wakes several times at night.
3. A child who was a good sleeper but now refuses to sleep at bedtime.
4. Your  toddler is afraid of the dark.
5. Your toddler very clingy in the day or keeps getting out of bed?

1. Anxious toddler at bedtime

Toddlers who are afraid to go to sleep alone may be worried about something in their room or have something esle on their mind. If they have listened to a story and there is a burglar or something scary in it, this may be praying on their mind and keeping them awake. Reassure your child and make them feel safe.
2. Toddler goes to sleep but wakes in the night
This can be very frustrating for parents who can’t understand why their child happily falls asleep at bedtime then wakes after they’ve gone to bed. This can be caused by and inconsistent bedtime routine or perhaps a physical factor. Try to find out the cause and tackle it, many toddlers like to have a small night light in their room or have a light left on in the hall or bathroom, this helps calm their fears should they wake in the middle of the night.
3. Toddler who won’t settle alone
This may occur when your child has gone through change or transition such when you have moved house or your toddler from a cot to a bed. When they are used to their room and your son or daughter loves their new Thomas or princess bed and somehow you can’t convince them to stay in it, you need to be firm and consistent. Stick to your usual routine if in a new environment but take a little more time putting your child to bed or start the bedtime routine earlier.
4. Toddler afraid of the dark
Many toddlers go through this phase and think there are monsters in the bedroom or a burglar will break into the house especially if they have heard a story or something on the news, these things pray on a young child’s mind. Try having a ritual you go through each evening that will make your child feel secure and help them relax. Often using a low voltage night-light or safety light helps them be less afraid of the dark. Do not ignore your child’s fears attend to them if they call out.
5. Clingy toddler refusing to stay in bed.
If your toddler is clingy you need to encourage your xon or daughter  to be more independent. Once your child feels more confident, it will be easier to settle them and have them stay in their own room. When your toddler is refusing to settle sit with them for a while, try and find out what’s on their mind, talk or read to them before they go to bed.

If your problem has existed for several weeks or months and things have not got better, is it time to call the Sanity Nanny? She will provide the knowledge you need to improve your child’s sleep, usually in less than a week, you’ll wonder why you waited so long. Send an Email to find out more.