Testimonials – Sanity Nanny


Juliet has a particular skill in getting to the heart of a problem and is gently able to put a parents’ mind at rest, my son aged four had never slept the through the night despite me contacting health professionals. Since contacting Juliet he now settles without me and stays in his own room until morning
Sarah A. Children: 4 & 2. Restaurant owner – Chipping Camden

I feel so much better my five month old baby slept all night and 3 hours in the day
Lucy C. Mum of two boys- Bristol

I was close to the precipice before I called you we have come a long way in a short space of time.
Mum of 12 week old girl T.V producer

If you’re hesitating don’t, she really is the Sanity Nanny!
Mum of baby of 4 months & boy 4 years

Worth every penny, our family life’s changed beyond my wildest dreams.
Sam. Children: 3 boys

Juliet really knows her stuff, our daughter is now sleeping all night and day naps are longer too.
Ali. Children: 11 Baby girl 11 months

My life has changed beyond recognition, I sit here twiddling my thumbs each evening, both boys sleep 7pm-7am.
Kirsty Mum of twins aged 1

We were really impressed with your knowledge, we’ve seen great improvements with both children since your visit, thank you.
Dad of baby girl 7 months, boy 3 years