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Night time Is Coming

Are your children sleeping soundly? Do you look forward to bedtimes with your children or does the mention of bedtime and bath time send you in to a spin as your stress levels rise? In our family we had pretty calm bed times and were always in bed by 6.30-7pm, I think my mother had […]

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Procrastinating or Perfectly Happy

Procrastination or Perfectly Happy, Energised Parent? What’s going on at home can leave you ecstatic or frantically coping and flustered. Not getting your child to Sleep Eat or Co-operate the way you want them to can cost your dearly in terms of: TIME MONEY ENERGY or FRUATRATION each and every day. What value is your […]

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Had enough Sleep?

Have you had enough sleep or are you running on empty and wondering why you are going no-where fast? Life can hard work with children even on the good days it is pretty exhausting running around after a toddler or constantly feeding and changing a baby and it doesn’t stop when they get older either! […]

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Mums Stress Levels

As a Mum how stressed are you feeling today? Did you sleep well last night or did you have things on your mind or perhaps your child kept you awake? Whatever the reason you are not alone many mothers simply don’t realise the stress they are under and how quickly things could change. When something […]

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Parental Stress

As a parent what is the thing that you most worry about? Let’s face it you are never free from guilt that you are doing something wrong, not giving your children enough time, attention or you are not being the parent you thought you’d be. What effect does all this stress have on your children, […]

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How was your child’s sleep last night?

Back to school and a new school term is quite daunting for many parents and their children. It’s the beginning of a new era for many youngsters moving from nursery to primary school and the realization that they are now at “Big School”. Some kids may run off happily and join their friends without a […]

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Luke Bryan employs Sanity Nanny

As a touring musician, Luke Bryan — whose new album, ‘Tailgates and Tanlines,’ is in stores today — spends most of his life on the road and in a tour bus, away from his wife Caroline and their young sons, Bo and Tate. Don’t for a second doubt that Bryan underestimates the chaos that his […]

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