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Overcoming Baby Sleep-When Do I get help?

Many parents expect their new baby or toddler to settle into good sleep habits after a few weeks or months, however when things don’t improve month after month, how long should you wait before you decide to get help to overcome baby and child sleep matters and what are the causes? Many mums and dads are […]

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Parenting Pain or Sleep Pleasure?

Cute baby asleep

Parenting Pain or pleasure as your new baby sleeps all night? When you are expecting your first born child, you have all kinds of thoughts and ideas going through your head ranging from excitement, elation, fear to panic and concern, giving you the jelly wobbles about how different your life will be and how you […]

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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Family Resolutions What resolutions have you made for yourself or your family this year? Will you be focusing on getting more sleep, improving the bedtime routine or perhaps improving family relationships or work commitments? Whatever is not working for you right now and is causing the most difficulty or distress would be the […]

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Baby Sleep

Most new mums have plenty to be getting on with let alone contemplating a planning a fashion show next year. With Harper barely two months old Posh Spice is busy getting ready for her new collection for 2012, apparently her baby is sleeping thorugh the night and only waking for one feed. On her to do list […]

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Infant Sleep

New babies will initially sleep for approximately 18-20 hours a day when first born. As they get older this gradually decreases. You may find with a new baby born by caesarean to be very sleepy in  the first few days, this is due to the drugs used in labour wearing off. It would be advisable to […]

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