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Birthday Card

Birthday Card This week I received a home-made birthday card, how lovely I thought until I saw my age emblazoned on it! My 10 year old niece had taken it upon herself to do some research on the internet and found the term “Swinging sixties” which she wrote on my card, then found some gorgeous pictures, printed […]

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Baby Blues & Post Natal Depression

Most new mums have a touch of the baby blues immediately after having a new baby in fact 35% of women suffer from some form of post natal depression. It is a real worry for mums who have suffered from depression in the past and these mums need careful monitoring as they are more susceptible […]

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Mumprenuer or stay at home Mum?

Are you a mother who loves her kids yet has come towards the end of your maternity leave? Are you looking forward to returning back to work or perhaps you would like to start up your own business or are you rather undecided about your options? Leaving your baby or child for the first time […]

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New baby’s Arrival

It’s lovely when your new baby arrives at the beginning of the year it not only reminds you that a new journey has begun, it reminds us of the newness of life and how precious we all are, even if we are a year older! I wonder how many babies arrive on time? I just heard […]

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Twins-Double Trouble?

Twins, some people love this notion and others are completely shocked at the prospect and how they will cope, I think you could count me. There is no doubt about it they are hard work, especially in those first few weeks after birth. You literally feed, change, burp, settle then start all over again, sometimes only an […]

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