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 The Highs and Lows of Parenthood

                         What does it take to go from being an Ordinary parent to an ExtraOrdinary parent? Every Mum or Dad works hard to keep their child happy and wants to give their baby or child the best start in life but it is amazing how difficult can this be in the first year or two […]

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New Baby Not feeding

If you have a new baby who’s not feeding well after a caesarean delivery, try not to give up on breast feeding without getting support from your midwife or lactation support advisor. Your baby may be very drowsy as the drugs begin to wear off and be difficult to keep awake. Try giving small feeds […]

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New Baby Photographs-Juliet Robinson

“watch out, I’m on the move’! Feeling like David Baily or suffering from nervous exhaustion with the arrival of your new baby? Has your little bundle of joy entered the world, if so you’ll be very proud parents, so much so that you’ll want to ‘show off’ your infant to friends and family. Although we can be quick […]

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Sanity Nanny blog! I hope you can learn from my experiences, add some of your own and be inspired to take some action or learn more about raising happy and well balanced  kids, including infant babies.

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