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How to be a non ‘shouty’ Dad

Do you often play around with your kids and enjoy a bit of rough and tumble and then something happens that causes you to snap and become a ‘shouty’ Dad within moments? Often in these circumstances, it further exacerbates the situation and your child still doesn’t do what you request. Instead, they go off to […]

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Business Success V Quality Family Life?


Balancing family life with business is often hard work, do you ever stop and ponder where your time and freedom went, as your children are growing fast and you are working harder than expected? Most parents are great at what they do in business and are at the top of their game, yet often when […]

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Valentines -Big Celebrations + Lots of LOVE?

Valentines cards, Red Roses, Chocolates and expensive Gifts is this just be bit of hype and money making for those in the publishing, gifts and flower business or is it something to take more seriously? Every woman I know loves a bouquet of flowers from a loved one but somehow, not all men realise how […]

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Half Term- Fun with the kids

Half term with the kids can be a great chill out and time to relax together without the stress of getting organised on time for school or the nursery run. If you are a working Mum or Dad this is a great time to discover what your children have been up to and how they have […]

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Had enough Sleep?

Have you had enough sleep or are you running on empty and wondering why you are going no-where fast? Life can hard work with children even on the good days it is pretty exhausting running around after a toddler or constantly feeding and changing a baby and it doesn’t stop when they get older either! […]

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Baby and Toddler Show Cheltenham

It’s been a busy W/E meeting lots of parents at the Baby and Toddler Show in Cheltenham, I was invited to give talks on feeding and sleep techniques for babies and toddlers. It was lovely to bump into previous clients and see how much their children had grown and hear how well they were sleeping, […]

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Supernanny No More!

Supernanny No More!   ‘I recently discovered that Jo Frost aka Supernanny has been axed in America and been superseded by a woman called Deborah Tilman. Obviously Jo is not happy about this and has found  ‘fault’ in her credentials. I’m actually pleased to see this because although lots of parents love Jo Frost’s approach and […]

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London Olympic Marathon

Well today is the last day of the London Olympics, it seems many families are out joining the crowds with babies and toddlers on parents shoulders in order to get a glimpse of the great athletes running in the London Marathon. Although young children may not be able to fully recall the event later in […]

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New baby Development & Parenting Relationships

                       New Brain Research: Coaching parents changes children This is a great reason for parents to consider hiring a baby coach in those first few months. The impact on your child’s emotional development is now being fully recognised after a study in America. A research investigation, deployed over several years called Bringing Baby Home consisted of exposing expectant […]

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Depression And Baby Sleep

Depression And Baby Sleep: Vicious Cycle There’s a fascinating new parenting study out that caught our eye at The Chart. It involves the sleep habits of babies and toddlers. Posted: 5:42 PM Apr 17, 2012 Reporter: CNN (Posted by Kion Hudson) Research suggests if mom is depressed, she’s more likely to wake her baby up […]

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