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Newport Baby Show

Have you got your tickets yet? If you’ve got any burning sleep questions or queries about your child’s sleep why not email me or come and meet me at the show. Looking forward to seeing all the lovely babies and toddlers and all the latest gadgets for parents with young children. I do believe Peppa Pig is […]

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Sanity Nanny-Easter News

  Last month the Sanity Nanny took a long awaited break before Easter and went to Morocco, what a fun place to visit. Marrakech was extremely frenetic but very friendly. One of the things that struck me about my trip was how everyone had to struggle to survive although some residents were quite wealthy and lived in […]

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Is your child underweight or overweight?

In Australia a Dietician Rebecca Byrne, at Queensland University of Technology lead a study and asked 276 mothers to describe their 12-16 month old toddlers as either underweight, normal weight or overweight. Astonishingly most mothers under estimate their child’s weight and are putting their child’s health at risk. The shocking statistics came back and only […]

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Depression And Baby Sleep

Depression And Baby Sleep: Vicious Cycle There’s a fascinating new parenting study out that caught our eye at The Chart. It involves the sleep habits of babies and toddlers. Posted: 5:42 PM Apr 17, 2012 Reporter: CNN (Posted by Kion Hudson) Research suggests if mom is depressed, she’s more likely to wake her baby up […]

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