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Supernanny No More!

Supernanny No More!



Parents may get frustrated with their children but if you made a mistake at work and your boss turned round to you and said, you are such an idiot/bad person how would you feel? Happy? Probably angry and wanting revenge or feeling on edge until the next time something ‘bad’ happended?

We are all emtional beings and often children are treated disrespectfully and I have to say that the term ‘NAUGHTY STEP’ is not one I was taught or have used to bring up children. Jo claims that Deborah is a business woman and does not have the childcare knowledge or qualifications, however I believe that Jo was not a trained nanny when she was choosen for the role back in 2004.

That was one of the reasons producers felt she was a ‘good’ role model- I perhaps should have applied for the job when I saw it advertised, although I don’t have a ‘naughty step’ Supernanny rule or a magic Mary Poppins umbrella! I am simply Juliet Robinson, the sanity nanny providing parents ‘peace of mind’ when they feel they’re going out of their mind!

Sleep and Sanity that’s me, who knows one I may end up on T.V!