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Super Mum to Super Human

Super Mom

Are you a super mum who rallies round at 100 miles an hour with Christmas just around the corner? Then you need to know my 6 tips to help have an organised stress free home”.

Mums are so good at looking after everyone else, often telling themself ‘it’s quicker if I do it’, or ‘it won’t get done properly’ but is this true and more importantly when did you allow some time for yourself?

Being busy is fun, however if you are over doing it, then finding yourself resenting your partner or children you know something must change. This Christmas try to be kinder to yourself and start to:

1. Ask for more help from others- including your toddler!

2. Plan ahead and give yourself more time if necessary.

3. Take time to notice what’s gone well in your day

4. Give praise to your children/partner when they least expect it.

5. Write a list of tasks to be done and allocate them to family members

6. Employ a cleaner/dog walker or temporary help with childcare to assist the smooth running of your family especially at busy periods.

Being a martyr really is no fun in the long run. Why not consider joining our Mummy Meltdown Club where mums come first. You’ll get to learn from other Mums and health professionals, share tips and discover much more about yourself. As the leader of the family, we believe that if mum’s fine the rest of family life flows, tension dissolves and everyone is much happier, surely it’s worth the investment?