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Summer Music Festivals with Kids

Music festivals have become so popular these days and now you can take the whole family and relive your youth, albeit in a slightly more responsible way! Going to see rock bands with young children can be quite an experience and requires a lot more planning, kids don’t always share the same appreciation of music for hours on end and will require other forms of entertainment. Whilst there are lots of activities organised for children and thing to keep them amused with a little planning ahead you can save yourself a lot of time, stress and money.
Here are some tips to make your family festival experience more enjoyable:
1. Take a buggy even of your child has grown out of out- makes a useful chair or carrying items easier. (ensure it is an off road buggy- borrow from a friend if you don’t own one!)
2. Failing this, take a wheelbarrow for bigger kids or heavy items such as tents.
3. Take books crayons etc. and your own glow sticks to amuse the kids.
4. Have a tall flag or failing this a large inflatable toy to help find your party/group.
5. Wear DM’s take off and use to place your drinks in-saves them being knocked over!
6. Decorate your tent with glow in the dark sticks or fluorescent stickers.
7. Place a wrist band on your child with your mobile phone number in case you get separated.
(don’t use indelible ink it take weeks to remove after the event, biro would be better if you don’t have the above.)
8. Take some headphones for your kids their ears are pretty sensitive and you don’t want to damage their eardrums.
9. Have a chill out attitude and don’t expect it to be the same experience you had pre-children.
10. Take twice the amount of money you are planning to take!
ENJOY, BOP and have lots of FUN this summer.