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Summer Holidays

Isn’t it wonderful when you can get on a plane and go somewhere new, hot and child friendly, the only thing you wonder is how you will survive the journey with children!

If you are going on a long haul flight, you will definately need to plan ahead and have plenty of activities to amuse your kids on the plane. If you have a toddler I recommend that you try and plan your flight around your child’s main sleep time, if this is not possible you may want to try wearing your child out a day or two before! Toddlers seem to have endless energy though many will sleep pretty well on a plane, so long as they have their favourite comforter or toy.

I would also make sure your child is wearing comfortable  clothes that are easy to pull on and off and have a spare set of clothes just in case your child throws up! I recall an incident when travelling to Monaco with a family, we made it to France got off the plane, came through customs and was greeted by the children’s grandfather. We were all relieved to be over the worse or so we thought, we climbed into his car and settled down for the short trip to Monaco.  I had the baby sat on my knee while the three year old sat with his mummy. Whilst we were reminising and saying how easy the trip was. I was enjoying bedding my feet in the luxury Rolls Royce carpet, it’s just divine if you’ve not tried it, do it once in your life! I remarked how lovely it was to be in the sunshine with blue skies all around.

The euphoria quickly died as within two minutes of leaving the airport I was left holding a 9 months old baby who promptly started to throw up! There was a yell, ” Dad, stop Mary’s being sick” at the same time I was instructed to grab a bag and not let the “baby sick” go over grandpa’s car. I couldn’t get hold of the bag in time, so it went all over my skirt. The worst thing was that I had to sit in it, with the most revolting smell all the way to the apartment, suddenly the heat of the sun was not so pleasant!

Children really are unpredictable but if travelling take a spare pair of clothes for you and your children, you never know when the next loo stop will be or whatever fate may fall upon you. Another thing is do not pack chocolate as a treat because A. it’s very messy, B. it melts and can go a really long way and C. it is likely to make your child sick!

Happy holidays.

Why not share your best /worst holiday story?