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Summer Fun -Children

Summer is coming up and it’s the holiday season is under way, what is it that most parents want for themselves and their children? Is it simply a break, more help with the children, a change from the daily routine or more understanding grandparents? Please let me know here and I will see what help you require is included with my next programme:

Here are some tips for surviving summer with your kids:
• Always pack high protection sun cream (even on cloudy days the sun can get through and burn)
• Have a handbag size balm or ointment to put on wound, stings or bites. (The one I recommend is Tropic Tamanu gel) it’s 100% organic, free from all additives and is suitable for babies and children of all ages. www.tropicskincare/shop/julietrobinson
• Get outdoors and get creative with twigs, leaves, stones, sand and water. Do activities that build on co-ordination, counting skills, texture and the environment.
• Make a den, kids really love this.
• Cook some home made cookies/make sandwiches and have a picnic outdoors.
• Take a spare set of clothes if doing messy/wet activities
• Drink lots of water and keep everyone hydrated

I would really appreciate help me with some research about WHAT MUMS WANT? This will only take 2 minute of your time and there is a special offer for anyone who fills it in for you or your child.

Thanks in advance.
Have a great week!