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Sleep Clinic

The other day I had to visit my GP,  I had not been for more than a year and had quite a shock. The surgery looked the same from the outside but inside it had doubled in size and looked very different. I am not the best when it comes to  anything medical, despite coming from a medical/farming background, you practically had to have blood coming out of you to get any attention in my home!

I was only going for something minor, I hate to trouble Drs. especially when there are people more in need of their time, however if you have something giving you pain for some time, I figure it’s best to get it checked out.

As I sat in the waiting room I began to think of my clients coming to the sleep clinic for the first time and how nervous they must feel. I had been before but it still didn’t feel good to be there, I was trying to think why  I felt that way. I have an aversion to hopsitals too, they signify bad things to me,  Ieven shudder when an ambulance races past.

When parents come to see me I like to make people feel comfortable and understand that taking the courage to ask for some help is a big step for many parents.

The best part of my job though is when I speak to a parent a few days later and they tell me about their success, it’s so rewarding and great to know that I’m helping both the parents and their son or daughter.

I know when you go to the Dr. and they give you lots of information in a short space of time it’s hard to take in all the information.  I like to make things easy and at the end of the session I give a written summary along with a plan of action so parents have something to refer to and are not left guessing. After all that’s what they’ve been doing up until now, many say the after support is the thing that makes the dffrence especially when the going gets tough.

If your child has been waking up for nights or weeks on end, why not phone and make an appointment and discover what small changes will make a big difference to your child’s sleep.