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Sleepless Nights

Since most children will have settled into their new term now they should be sleeping soundly at night as the new school term nerves will have reduced. If your child is have a good day at school and running around in the playground I imagine they come home pretty tired and demanding food or sweets to sustain their energy levels.

Sweets are fine in small quantities but you must ensure they clean those teeth well before bed. There is nothing worse than getting over one big hurdle like your first day at school to visiting the dentist and your child being told that they will need a filling.

As a child I never minded going to the dentist he was always very friendly and actually I don’t think I had any fillings until my teenage years- you see my parents were mean they would not buy us sweets, we used to have home-made chocolate cake and puddings instead. So really can’t complain too much, we really envied our neighbours next door their Dad worked for Pet Foods and would always bring Mars Bars and bags of chocolates and sweets home- we loved their Dad it was heaven for us. The thing I could never figure out was if the factory made cat and dog food, why would they have all this chocolate too? Apparently they owned MARs as it was then. Anyhow as a kid you didn’t mind what the company was called but we felt our friends were really lucky to have a Dad who worked for a company that gave out bags of sweets on a Friday.

Our Dad worked as lecturer and we were lucky to get a oke and a packet of crsips at the social club on a Friday evening, unless we happened to be “playing with the kids next door”!

Must get some sleep myslef pretty late now.
Good night until next time.