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Daily Sleep- Are You Getting Sufficient?

Sleep needs change at different stages in life are you getting sufficient though? The American Society of Sleep states that the minimum amount of sleep we need is 7 hours, ideally between 7-9 hours. A recent study of senior managers and office workers found that 80% are not getting this.The average is between 6-6.5hours and it is costing companies around $2200 per employee, this is due to sleep deprivation affecting our thought processes in the pre-frontal cortex, our inability to concentrate or make good judgement with important decisions or maybe even turn up late for work due to a poor nights’ sleep.

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More sleep-Give me a break!

Whether it’s due to childcare issues, insomnia or other factors, you can’t afford to ignore it.

If you have 5 employees that’s a total of $10,000K, a larger company with 50 employees is going to be paying a much higher price. Whilst most of this may go unnoticed on a day to day basis, you may only discover the true impact of sleep deprivation when a disaster happens or you lose a large contract due to a poor presentation or inaccurate figures.

Most parents expect to get up in the night when they have a small child, however with the right support and some holistic methods it is possible to easily have your child sleeping through the night by around 6 months. The notion that a child will fall asleep when tired is simply not true. Sleep for a baby or toddler is a learned skill and takes some longer to master than others, just as when a new employee starts with your company he/she requires new knowledge, training and support with how your company operates.

I meet many professional parents who allow this situation to go on for months, some years however, it is these early pattern and incorrect sleep patterns that can stay with a person for life, mostly due to bad habits, insufficient knowledge of child development or some kind of trauma which holds people back throughout life.

After one session in most cases, I am able to distinguish what is causing you or your child to wake and if required; can put together a support plan to help you overcome your challenges, even if they’ve lasted for years and other professionals have not provided a solution.

Lacking sleep, complaining you are tired or exhausted is sign you are not getting enough and if going to bed earlier, eating healthy foods and have a comfy bed don’t work for you, please arrange a call with me email juliet@sanitynanny.com and let’s revive your body, relationships or finances and leave you to focus on the important stuff at home or work.