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Sick Babies – Children

This has been an unusual week, busy and varied which I love but also full of suprises. On Monday I attended the Entreprenuer’s Circle Event of the year (will it was the first so has to be!) it was Nigel Botterill’s birthday, so we all helped him celebrate- all 500+ of us, he’s a popular man! We had balloons, sang Happy Birthday and some people even got presents- though they didn’t come in a party bag, lovely suprise though.

One of the highlights was at lunchtime an unexpected thing happened- a cake arrived, not the unusual you may think however what happened next was- it was delivered by the singing waiters who sang Queen’s “Super Sonic Man”, may be called something else. Not a Queen fan sure you know the song though, it was so much fun and had lots of crowd participation. Check out the singing waiters if you have a wedding or special “do” coming up I can throughly recommend them.

At lunch I met some lovely Entreprenuers and just before we returned for the afternoon session I bumped into a friend who had just heard her nephews’ cancer had returned. Having two teenage sons herself it was quite a shock and quite unexpected. I do hope his treatment works and his parents manage to come to terms with their only child’s fate.

The afternoon session was jammed packed with lots of fresh idea’s dosed with Nigel’s frenetic energy levels- I think it was the thought of birthday cake later that was spurring him on, he did us proud and we all had a wonderful and inspiring day.

At home I checked my emails only to discover a client I’d seen on Friday sent me an email to tell me she’d been run over after leaving our appointment whilst on a crossing and ended up in hospital with a broken rib, cuts and bruises. I immediately had to phone her to see how she was. She said a teenager had hit her and seemed very upset about everything, which you would be but she was simply thankful to be ALIVE. I think this is a good way of dealing with life. I was so relieved that it wasn’t because she was sleep deprived and hadn’t absentmindedly walked out into on-coming traffic. It serves to remind us though how much we have to be grateful for each and everyday, we must not waste opportunities and live life to the full.

They say things come in threes and they do because the next piece of news this week was my friend’s sister who is 6 months pregnant with her second child after losing the first after a few weeks has been told her baby has a heart condition that will need operating on when the baby is a few months old. It’s so sad when you hear news like this and really how much some parents go through with or without children. I wish everyone who is dealing with uncertainty or illness at this time warm wishes and restored health.

I’m really enjoying my work despite it being a really busy week I meet and get to work with such lovely people. I’m shortly going to be releasing a MumPrenuer Money webinar series aimed at mums who want more in their life. We had a lot of fun producing the first one and filled it full of interesting ways mums can help themselves and start a business on a shoestring or from scratch. In life we all need someone to help us and often overlook our talents because they come so easily to us, when someone else is crying out for help with our skills and expertise. This is what makes life interesting I think we can all learn from and share with each other, this definitely makes our lives easier.

What kind of a week have you had, has it been good, fun,interesting? Please share.