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Sanity Nanny-Easter News

Easter Egg Competition

Easter Egg Competition


Last month the Sanity Nanny took a long awaited break before Easter and went to Morocco, what a fun place to visit. Marrakech was extremely frenetic but very friendly. One of the things that struck me about my trip was how everyone had to struggle to survive although some residents were quite wealthy and lived in beautiful Riads, homes or hotels, the streets were full of people living in poverty. This included very young children selling something in the roadside or trying to ‘help you’ or show you the way somewhere, invariably you would end up giving them some money to send them on their way. Children here in this Muslim country have freedom to play freely in the streets and even small children were confident and very happy to speak to strangers in English. It shows wealth cannot take away ones character, in fact poverty seems to enhance certain traits when money is scarce.

On-line Mummy & Baby Support Club

On-line Mummy & Baby Support Club





April is an exciting time I am finally launching the Mummy Meltdown Club, hooray!  It’s long awaited I know but hopefully will be helping make mums lives easier with your little ones and for those who can’t get to a meeting you can join us via the on-line version. There will be lots of health and well-being help and of course sleep advice, so spread the word if you have any friends up and down the country who may need help.


   NEW !   

The Sanity Nanny  On-line 30 Day Sleep Programme has just been launched with a group of Mums with babies and toddlers. I’m really looking forward to helping more mums across the UK and further afield via our group and phone support, as you can imagine it’s been a busy few weeks!

Coming soon

Several requests have been made for Montessori Classes so I’m going to run a 6 week course for toddlers. Is it all possible of course, lots of planning has already begun, so more about that later. If you are interested in Montessori Education for your child please email me    as places will be very limited.

Lastly I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a happy holiday if you are escaping to warmer climates.

Happy Parenting

Juliet Robinson