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Procrastinating or Perfectly Happy

Procrastination or Perfectly Happy, Energised Parent?

What’s going on at home can leave you ecstatic or frantically coping and flustered. Not getting your child to Sleep Eat or Co-operate the way you want them to can cost your dearly in terms of:
FRUATRATION each and every day.


Baby I’m looking at YOU!

What value is your time to YOU, how much are you wasting each day?
Working hard to earn money, yet spending it on temporary ‘feel good’ fixes at the hair salon, gym or night out is costing you too.
Your energy is going to be high or low depending on how much sleep you’ve had, how much stress /anxiety you are under and how fit you are.

It’s easy to get into a RUT- Make Excuses or simply Give UP but if you really want to puts things to bed once and for all and find out what’s really going on for your child, it is likely to be the best investment you can make in the early years lasting well into adulthood.

Is it worth the risk?

We can either stay stuck or pick the phone up and ask for help.

There is ALWAYS something deeper going on for your child.

YOUR JOB – is to figure it out!

Laziness, knowledge, procrastination, time or energy are all EXCUSES and can seriously damage your health, relationships and knock confidence.

If you’re not doing what you should be doing what are you teaching your child? That it is ok to not be ok or if you have a seemingly hard task to overcome it’s best to leave it until it becomes bigger and much harder to undo.

Habits are habits. Notice today what’s driving you insanely happy or leaving you unhappy, drained and sad?

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