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Pregnant Mum?

Having a new baby is a very exciting and sometimes nerve racking experience for a pregnant mum, whilst most of the focus is on your new child you also need to think about looking after your own health. If you suffer from morning sickness it can be difficult to maintain your appetite and energy levels. We all know we should be eating fresh fruit, vegetables and a healthy mix of proteins and carbohydrates daily but is it not always easy to get the balance right.

I recently visited the Baby Show in London and met the Director of a new food company who’ve created a nutritious museli bar packed with grains, low in sugar and easy to eat on the run. Not only do they have amazing flavours such as cranberry, raspberry and white chocolate, seeds with blueberries, etc. but they also contain a whole variety of vitamins and essential nutrients including folic acid for pregnant and nursing mothers.

This is such a great concept and I have to admit they task really good too! I know how many mums find it hard to eat well especially when feeling tired or constantly feeding a new baby. The individually packed bars have been developed by two ladies, one a mother of three and her partner a nutritional specialist who is expecting her first child, there’s nothing like keeping busy is there!

They are not widely available yet but if you want to know more please get in touch with me or check out their website

What do you eat to keep you going throughout the day when your heavily pregnant and feeling peckish?