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Parental Stress

As a parent what is the thing that you most worry about? Let’s face it you are never free from guilt that you are doing something wrong, not giving your children enough time, attention or you are not being the parent you thought you’d be.

What effect does all this stress have on your children, they either learn to tune out and are completely unaware or they may bite back and shout and scream too or simply feel sorry for themselves. This is a rather sad situation because at the end of the day no-one is feeling on top of the world with all the worry. Stressing about everyday matters actually leads to more worry and is unproductive.

In Britain we are very good at being negative and giving ourselves a hard time, if only we could turn all this energy around and think how well we’ve done, how much we’ve achieved in our lives so far, children would feed of this. They would grow up feeling good and more positive about themselves, learn to shrug off any poor or unkind comments from friends and simply declare I’m great just the way I am and be proud of who they are.

Watching X Factor is a wonderful show full of talented and undiscovered artists some of whom are very young teenagers. They work so hard and really put their all into their performance only to have a “judge” tell them they are not good enough. How heart breaking must this be if it were your son or daughter or for the contestant themselves?

I know that if I were on the X Factor I would not sleep at all, I would be wondering how good I would sound and how I would perform on the stage. I would find it so terrifying, yet so many youngsters go through it.

We must remember we all have talents, some unrecognised for many years and others who shine from and early age. When we see a child with talent we need to nurture this gift and help them see it is not the end of the world if they don’t get selected or win a competition.

Life can be stressful however when you put your self on the line you grow, your confidence levels increase and when you rise to the challenge you must remember how special and unique you are. Whether you win a prize or not you are always a superstar to someone who loves you.

What causes you parental stress or worry?