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Olympic Baby Training

Don’t you just love babies,  check out these sporty tots doing personal  training  let’s face it children are Olympic Stars everyday in one way or another. If you were entering your child for an Olympic gold medal, what would they succeed in most? I always believe that children are born with innate talents and it’s our job as adults, parents or teachers to discover what those talents and skills are, knowing this can really help if a child is lacking in confidence too. Learning a new skill can take a lot of patience but the good news is, it will help your baby or toddler sleep well!Once you know what your child loves and wants to do time and time again, you can allow your child to follow their dreams, (providing they can do it safely), and you will be nurturing a happy child.

If you have any pictures of your child’s achievement we would love to see them and know they felt after they won or accomplished something new, whether it be learning to crawl, walk unaided, jump on a trampoline or kick a ball.

What did your child excel in on school Sports Day this year? I know someone who had been practicing for weeks and was very disappointed that they only got to walk instead of run in a race due to wet weather and slippy ground. We can live in hope of  a new summer immerging!