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Night time Is Coming

Are your children sleeping soundly?
Do you look forward to bedtimes with your children or does the mention of bedtime and bath time send you in to a spin as your stress levels rise?

Cute baby asleep

Shussh baby’s sleeping

In our family we had pretty calm bed times and were always in bed by 6.30-7pm, I think my mother had had enough of us by then as the three of us, are all close in age. After teatime and a drink of milk we had a bath, followed by a bedtime story and then went off to sleep.

Today it seems many a parent has to work all day, collect your child/children from nursery or after school club, race home, cook tea, finish chores and get your baby or child to bed at a reasonable time. No wonder mums and dads feel they never have a moment to themselves.

When you share the care of your children, this can take some of the burden off your shoulders. You may however find that your child behaves differently for you than your partner. This situation can be annoying and leave you feeling frustrated or upset as you ask yourself, “why do they mess me around but not my husband/wife”? If this is something you face at night time and you want an easier end to your day, here are some quick tips to help you.

1. Be consistent- when bedtimes change or get later, you child is going to get overtired or may end up becoming livelier which is not easy for you to deal with particularly when your energy levels are low.
2. Use rituals before bed, this helps your baby or child know what’s coming next.
3. Do a quiet activity or read a book with your child before bed this will help your little ones feel calm and relaxed.
4. Reassure your child before you leave them and address any concerns that they may have.
5. Do make sure your child has his or her favourite toy or blanky.
6. Avoid T.V. and technology before bed, this is likely to stimulate your child and can cause arguments and further delay.

What are your best tips for getting your child to sleep?

Please leave a comment below and ask a question if bedtimes are causing you concern or leaving you exhausted.