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New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Family Resolutions

What resolutions have you made for yourself or your family this year? Will you be focusing on getting more sleep, improving the bedtime routine or perhaps improving family relationships or work commitments? Whatever is not working for you right now and is causing the most difficulty or distress would be the best thing to focus on. Putting off something that is causing you concern whether it’s your baby or toddler not sleeping or something equally confusing or frustrating, will give you the biggest satisfaction once you’ve decided to make it a priority,  you will probably wonder why you didn’t do something about it sooner!

I have decided to make some changes and in order to make things happen it is best to write your goals or desires down, that way they are more likely to happen, also keep them where you will be reminded.

I’ll give you an insight into what’s on my initial list:

1.  Completing my tax return- having a penalty is always a good motivator and I always breathe a sigh of relief once this is done.

2.  Write sales page to launch Confidently Parenting a New Baby- Pregnancy-6 Months . This brand new Programme for Expectant or First Time Parents  will be an invaluable on-line resource and provide new parents with all the practical information they need to know + lots more. Nowhere else can parents like you gain confidence and learn essential Trade Secrets about Baby Sleep & Feeding Patterns.  All Very Exciting!!

 3.       Plan my work goals and set parenting seminars/webinars dates.

4.       Lose weight- set realistic and achievable plan

5.       Exercise more regularly (min.2-3 times per week)

6.       Implement what I learn straight away.

7.       Plan and schedule more holidays

8.       Collaborate and work with other coaches

9.       Help more local and global parents

10.    Continue charity work

What goals are you going to set, why not post them here and then you can be accountable as well as sharing them, this will help you stick to them?


Happy New Year , wishing you success and happiness in 2012!