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New Dad? Happy Father’s Day

Is this the first time you have experienced been a new Dad, if so Happy Father’s Day. I hope your little cherub doesn’t keep you up all night long! Being a first time Dad or Dad to one than one child is a responsible job and lifelong too. What hopes and dreams do you have for your child’s future and more importantly do they match your partners? It is amazing how many couples go into parenthood without fully discussing what future they want for their son or daughter, particularly if you have both had different upbringings.

One may want private education the older may want state school, though being in the midst of a recession it is hard for parents to be able to afford the best education. I believe that you as parents are your child’s first and foremost educator and you should never lose sight of this, despite how attractive school curriculums and grounds seem. In the early years your child needs to feel loved and secure and if you put the effort in in those first few years, it will certainly pay off and you can look forward to being proud of their efforts and school or home and look forward to many surprises along the way.

What did you receive today and what was special about it?