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New baby’s Arrival

It’s lovely when your new baby arrives at the beginning of the year it not only reminds you that a new journey has begun, it reminds us of the newness of life and how precious we all are, even if we are a year older!

I wonder how many babies arrive on time? I just heard that a friend had had her second child on New Year’s Eve  which also happened to be his brother’s birthday, how amazing is that with five years between them? I expect there will be some serious celebrating going on in our family in years to come! When my younger brother was due my mother was told he would arrive on the 28th of February, she didn’t believe  the doctor and she said that’s his father’s birthday.  Surprisingly though he arrived on that exact same day ! What a lovely birthday present for my father who had no sleep that night. New babies arrive simply when they are ready (in most cases), so much nicer than planned Caesarean !

I think I arrived a few days early which is often the case with second or more children however not always the case .

Did your baby arrive on time and have you got any interesting stories to tell as? Please comment below .

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