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New Baby Photographs-Juliet Robinson

“watch out, I’m on the move’!

Feeling like David Baily or suffering from nervous exhaustion with the arrival of your new baby?

Has your little bundle of joy entered the world, if so you’ll be very proud parents, so much so that you’ll want to ‘show off’ your infant to friends and family.

Although we can be quick to get our I-phones or HTC Galaxy out to take the first pictures which capture your new baby boy or girl, it’s not quite the same as having a professional photographer, who can take the first snapshots of your gorgeous baby.

Last Monday I visited John Moore’s studio in Cheltenham and viewed close-ups of his wonderfully sharp and captivating pictures. I really loved this cute baby, such beautiful poses.

If you live in Gloucestershire and you have your baby at Gloucester Royal Infirmary you will see his prints decorating the walls of the maternity unit .

He has a wonderful studio where you can see his family portraits and other work. If you want a creative and long term keepsake photo of your family or children John is the man to see, he really knows how to get the best from your children.

To get in touch contact John Moore visit his website