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New baby Development & Parenting Relationships

                       New Brain Research: Coaching parents changes children

This is a great reason for parents to consider hiring a baby coach in those first few months. The impact on your child’s emotional development is now being fully recognised after a study in America.

New Brain Research: Coaching parents changes children | Wired4Success |

A research investigation, deployed over several years called Bringing Baby Home consisted of exposing expectant couples to positive behaviour coaching whether their marriages were in trouble or not, and then assessing the development of the child. The findings were amazing! Babies raised in the coached households didn’t look anything like the babies raised in the control group (with no relationship coaching). Their nervous systems didn’t develop the same way. Their behaviors were remarkably different. Children in the intervention groups didn’t cry as much. They had stronger attention-shifting behaviors and they responded to external stressors in remarkably stable ways. Physiologically, these babies showed all the cardinal signs of healthy emotional regulation, while babies in the control group showed all the signs of unhealthy, disorganised nervous systems. The differences were remarkable and revealed something hopeful and filled with common sense. Developing the emotional/social intelligence of parents improves the relationship and changes the child.

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