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My Child is Being Bullied, what can I do to support them?


Child being bullied

They’re not being nice to me

So many parents worry about their child being bullied, whilst others are unaware of just how lonely and upset their child feels at school. No-one likes to be bullied whether it’s in the office, home environment or at school but suffering in silence, is not the answer as things just build up further, here are some tips to help you.
1. Face the bully, ask why they are doing it to your child?
2. Explain clearly why it’s not acceptable and that you will not tolerate the behaviour. If this is not sufficient or your child does not       feel confident enough to do this, speak to the child yourself or ask the teacher to intervene.
3. Remember that bullies are scared too and sometimes this is why they ‘pick on’ a weaker or ‘safe target’ to express something they       are upset about.
4. State what actions will happen if things continue.
5. Give your child lots of reassurance and take their fears seriously. These incidents can affect a child for a long time, even into       adulthood.
If you need some support with handling your child’s behaviour or suspect your child is being bullied please call and let’s have a chat.
This is an amazing example of what happened to a child from a single parent family and how resolved his issues then shared his plight with the world…
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