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Mums Stress Levels

As a Mum how stressed are you feeling today? Did you sleep well last
night or did you have things on your mind or perhaps your child kept you awake?
Whatever the reason you are not alone many mothers simply don’t realise the
stress they are under and how quickly things could change. When something is
happening every day and you wish things could be different but you don’t do
anything about it, you can hardly expect a miracle.

There are many simple things you can do so you can feel more
energised and less stressed. Here are few ideas for you that won’t cost you a

  1. Walk to school or nursery instead of using the
    car, this will boost your metabolism and save the need to find a parking space!
  2. Listen to your child’s observations, they are
    often interesting and can have answers to everyday problems, even your babbling
  3. Be creative, sit down and draw or do some art
    with your children or make a home-made gift for them.
  4. Sit down for 15 minutes after lunch and relax whilst
    your children play or sleep.
  5. Write a list every day of all the things to do,
    this will instantly help reduce the stress levels, each task you cross off will
    feel like an achievement, however small it may be.

Mums are important people and
need to be recognised for all the hard work that they do, even if you don’t get
paid for it! Of course you do get to be rewarded when your child puts his or
her arms around you and says Mummy, “I love you”, that is sure to put a smile
on your face and help you feel good again!

What tips do you have that help
you to beat everyday stress whilst coping with small children?