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Mums Returning to Work


Baby Arthur 6 months

A you a new mum returning to work wondering just how you’ll get through the day and how your baby or toddler will cope with the separation? Whilst you may be looking forward to the excitement of seeing work colleagues and having a break from the housework or baby groups and using your brain in a different way, you are probably asking yourself how will I get everything done in the time I’ve got?   Here are some tips for staying sane and enjoying a smooth return to work. 1. Get prepared the night before, have clothes, shoes ready, baby bag packed and car /house keys to hand. 2. Have emergency numbers on a list, make your partner aware of your day and share care whenever you can. 3. Check in with the nursery, child minder or nanny you’ve entrusted your child with and be reassured of any concerns you may have. If this leaves you feeling worse, it may be best to leave it that your child minder calls you only if there is a problem. 4. Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing and that any feelings of uncertainty you may experience will pass. As you get more used to the ‘new routine’ each day things will get easier. 5. Have a break and spend quality time relaxing with your family on your time off from work. If you are struggling with sleepless nights and you have a demanding day job, I have plenty of solutions that will help take the pressure off and restore your sanity, after all life is meant to be fun not all about hard work. When you lack sleep and your baby or toddler has been up half the night, it’s definitely something worth investing some time in to maintain your health and well-being and keep your family life happy and running smoothly. Email or leave a comment below  to let us know how you are getting on or if you would like information about a new support group I’m launching for mums offering Q + A sessions to answer all your parenting questions and child care queries from the comfort of your office or home.