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Mumprenuer or stay at home Mum?

Are you a mother who loves her kids yet has come towards the end of your maternity leave? Are you looking forward to returning back to work or perhaps you would like to start up your own business or are you rather undecided about your options?

Leaving your baby or child for the first time can be a nerve racking experience, however if you plan things in advance you can make the transistion easier, more often than not your chidl will be fine and it will be yourself that needs a cuddle or words of comfort from a colleague or like minded mother who’s been there before.

For Mums who are thinking of setting up their own business, I have some exciting news that may help you. I have been working with a re-knowned author and Money Magnet Coach Marie Claire Carlyle. We are co-creating a project for Mumprenuers or any mum who would like to learn more about herself and set some new goals. Sign up to the newsletter to find out more.

Hope you’ve had a great w/e and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Happy Parenting

What are your business idea’s, share them below we’d love to hear what you creative Mums are up to.